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North Star Ski Touring Club celebrates its 50 Anniversary during the 2016-17 season.  

Year to Year History of North Stars (links below):
Each year includes Board members and activity highlights. 

A history of the North Star Ski Touring Club cannot begin without a few words concerning events prior to the 1967-68 season, our first year of operation. In 1965-66 the United States Ski Association formed a ski touring committee chaired by Norm Oakvik, and then Bob Larson, with the purpose of improving interest and participation in ski touring in the Twin Cities metro area and throughout the Central Division of the USSA. Membership in that committee, besides Norm and Bob, included Jinny Mcwethy, John O'Bleness, James Rupert and Dag Helgestad. (More)

50th Anniversary Publication 
Stories and photos by members of early days, trips,activities, and accomplishments.  
Link here

North Stars History 1967-77

North Stars History 1977-87

North Stars History 1987-97

North Stars History 1997-2007

North Stars History 2007-2017