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Policy on Club Trips and Activities

The following schedule of activities is presented for the enjoyment of NSSTC members. To provide a good experience for all participants, and protect the club and activity leaders, we expect all involved to adhere to the following guidelines.

Liability —

Official club policy prohibits you from participating in any activity unless you agree to be bound by the club's liability policy. You must agree to sign a waiver before the start of the activity, agreeing not to hold liable NSSTC, its officers, or activity leaders in the event of injury or death. Likewise, you must agree to be bound by the policy even if the required waiver is not signed for any reason, or if you are injured at a meeting, party, dinner, etc., where signed waivers are not required. This is a fair and essential policy for an organization like the North Stars that depends on volunteers.

Who can go —

Activities are open to all club members and all ability levels unless otherwise indicated. Persons under age 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult member. If in doubt about an activity, contact the leader before the event. Activities designated as: {A} - open to all members; {AK} - open to all members, including kids and families (sometimes with age restrictions); {S} - open to adult singles only, although overnight singles trips may be opened to other club members if not all places are taken; {WW} - Wednesday Wanderers engage in a daytime, aerobic activity 52 Wednesdays a year -- with skiing, biking and hiking events dominating the schedule and weather and conditions being the deciding factor.

Reservations and Deposits —

All overnight trips and some day activities have limited space and require reservations and deposits. You do not have a reservation for such activities until the trip leader has received your deposit and a signed waiver. Reservation/waiver forms are available at club meetings, on the Schedule page of the club’s website, and in each issue of the Løype. Please note that deposits for overnight trips may be required significantly in advance of the trip, along with the signed reservation/waiver form. Members should review the entire schedule and plan accordingly. When signing up for a trip, contact the leader first and send your deposit and waiver to him or her, not to the NSSTC post office box. Make the check payable to the leader, not NSSTC. The leader will contact participants prior to departure regarding trip details.

Cancellation —

Deposits and scheduled payments are to protect leaders and the club from financial loss when participants cancel. If a participant cancels, trip deposits will be refunded only if the cancelled reservation can be filled and no additional cost is incurred by trip leaders or other participants. Any refunds will be made after the trip is completed. Any non-refunded deposits will be applied to trip expenses.

Winter Trips Sign-Up Policy —

Please note this policy recently changed. For overnight trips, trip leaders can accept sign-ups beginning on November 1st. Some very popular weekend trips may have reservations allocated by lottery. For these trips, be sure to submit your reservation request before the cutoff specified in the schedule. (Note: Beginning 2015, Leaders are no longer be required to hold 50% of trip openings for sign-ups at the November meeting.) 

New Member Priority —

Some weekend trips are designated as having new member priority. On these trips, 20% of the reservations will be held for new NSSTC members. New members are those who have been members for less than 12 months.

Transportation —

The club encourages carpooling to trips and events. Passengers in carpools of three or more individuals will pay for all gasoline costs, including the driver’s. For carpools of two individuals, the driver and the passenger will negotiate gasoline costs. For bus trips, all participants must pay for the bus even if they prefer not to use it. Exceptions will be allowed only if doing so does not raise the trip cost to other participants.

Smoking —

Club policy states that there will be no smoking except outdoors.

Leaders —

Leaders make the final decision in all cases regarding participant safety, lodging, transportation, and general trip conditions.

Bike Trip Ratings & Safety —

North Star policy requires that all participants on a bike ride wear a certified bicycle helmet and that it be properly fitted. Leaders may classify their rides with relative designations: A - Advanced; B - Intermediate; C - Casual. We advise you to check with the ride leader to make sure the trip meets your ability and interests. Leaders provide maps of the route. All riders should make sure their bikes are in good operating condition before the ride. All riders are expected to have a spare tube, patch kit and tire pump.

Changes to the Schedule —

Check the e-Loype, our weekly electronic newsletter, or the North Star website ( for current schedule information. Trip leaders should post updates and other pertinent information on the message board on our website.

Scheduling —

For changes to scheduled trips, leaders should notify one of the trips coordinators and send an update to the e-Loype editor ( We also encourage you to post changes on our electronic message board. Submit new schedule items on-line via the Trip Leader Info page on the club website ( Deadline is the first of the month preceding publication for electronic submittals. If you have questions, please call one of our trips coordinators (see page 2 for contact information).
A complete, up-to-date schedule of Trips/Event activities is on our website:  A folder of policies is stored at Resources/document library.